Swansea Water Department

Rick Bryan, Utility Manager
Lorraine "RED" Culler, Utility Clerk
Kevin Houser, Utility Operator
Chad Steven, Utility Operator
Public Notice:
The Town of Swansea Water System has not been meeting the minimum Chlorine disinfection levels on Basil Road
and in areas south of 5th Street this summer. West Columbia changed their disinfection system at its Lake Murray
water plant to use chloramines rater than free chlorine as in the past. This new system will not work with our chlorine
booster system that has corrected this seasonal problem in the past. We cleaned both storage tanks and flushed our
entire system several times during this summer to correct this condition with limited sucess. We are now requesting
DHEC allow us to modify our chlorination system to match West Columbia's so we can again boost the disinfection of
our system when needed. The link below is a copy of the actual public notice sent to all customers. If you have any
question please contact Rick Bryan, Utility Manager at 803-568-2835